Five Tips for Estate Agent Sales

In the old days, when you sold a property with an estate agent, you pretty much left the legwork for them, but these days you need to work a lot harder if you want to get the best deal for your home. If you don’t mind waiting several months for a sale, then follow these tips for estate agent sales. Alternatively, if you want to sell your property fast then consider using a cash home buying company instead.

Estate Agent Sales – What you need to do to get the best deal

1. If you want the best deal then it’s essential your home is maintained and decorated to a good standard, so before you put your home on the market you’ll need to decorate and take care of any outstanding maintenance.

2. When an agent comes to take photos of your home check them! Then check them again when they go on the internet. Estate agents aren’t professional photographers so if you’re not happy with how your home looks in the pictures they choose then do them yourself.

3. Hopefully you’ll have a lot of viewings so your home needs to be ready for them at all times. Make sure everything’s neat, clean and tidy before you go to bed each evening so your agent can carry out viewings whilst you’re at work without the need for you to rush home and wash up.

4. There’s very little regulation surrounding estate agents’ fees so find out how much you’ll be charged before you sing up with an agent.

5. It may be a buyer’s market but that doesn’t necessarily mean your agent will be on the ball. If you’re not getting any interest then feel free to phone your agent and ask for regular updates about what they’re doing and their progress. Agents make more from more expensive properties so if they’re unlikely to garner much of a profit from your house sale they’ll be tempted not to put in the effort to sell it.

The Alternative

If this all sounds like more hassle than it’s worth to you, don’t worry! There is an alternative. You can use a cash home buying company to purchase your home and you won’t need to do any of the above. A home buying company can purchase your property, with cash, in as little as seven days and you won’t need to decorate, wait or pay them a fee. They’ll do everything on your behalf and completely take the stress out of selling. To learn more about home buying companies visit a national cash buyer and speak to an advisor today.