Cash Buyers Do It In Seven Days!

If you’ve sold your house through traditional methods before then you’ll already know what a complete nightmare it can be. Not only is the process complex and expensive, it also takes an absolute age! But there is a faster, cheaper and more straightforward method you can use – selling your home to a cash buyer. House cash buyers are the new breed of property company in the UK and are set to completely transform the market. Anyone who owns their own home can benefit from using a house cash buyer, so if you want to sell up but are dreading the thought of estate agents then read on to discover how you could take advantage of a great deal from a cash home buying company.

About Cash home Buyers

Why can a cash only company buy your home in seven days? The answer is simple. Normally when you buy or sell a home, you’re not actually using real money. Although it may feel like you are, what’s actually happening is that some numbers on a screen or a bank statement go up or down -  and as most traditional sales are based on borrowing, the ‘pretend’ money used doesn’t belong to the buyer or the seller anyway, it belongs to the mortgage company or the bank.

Sales based on borrowed money are more complex to carry out, which is why they take so long to complete, whereas a cash exchange works by the same method you would use to pay for something in a shop. You pick your item, hand over cash for your item and the item is yours. You would never expect to purchase a pair of shoes then wait several months for ‘paperwork’ to be complete before you can actually get your hands on them! So why accept this method when it comes to selling houses?

Whilst an offer you get for a cash sale will be lower than the valuation of your home, remember, a valuation is only an estimate – not a guarantee – and it doesn’t take into account the hefty fees you’ll pay to a solicitor, an agent and for all the other costs that usually aren’t considered as part of the sale price, so even if you get an offer that meets your valuation, the actual price you’ll get will be considerably less.

A cash buying company will give you the exact amount they offer, no more, no less. In addition, they won’t charge you any fees for their services and they’ll take care of all the legislation for you. So if you’d like a more straightforward and completely stress free sale then contact National Cash Buyer to find out the true value of your home.